20 epic celebrity photos for food


If a person is suddenly photographed while eating, then you get an unusual photo. In the process of eating a person becomes not the most photogenic. Even if it is the face of a star. These photos show how celebrities actually eat.

Steven Tyler is full of passion: for life, music, popcorn ...

Michael Buble chose a nice corn cob.

George Clooney with a hot dog: well, just like an ordinary person! Only very hungry.

Rachel Ray is not against the rolls.

Model Cara Delevingne: "Come on, take it away!"

Singer Chris Dotri - a lover of sweet.

And Emma Watson, too.

Tina Fey caught with a banana.

Actress Bai Ling and her ice cream - a harmonious duet.

Miley Cyrus is also a sweet tooth.

Susan Sarandon is busy swallowing a huge sandwich.

Robert Pattinson is elegant in everything. Who decided that vampires only attack people? Candy, judging by the look of a guy, not lucky anymore!

But Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher do not bother about etiquette.

Ben Affleck has a brutal appetite.

Like Keanu Reeves.

Gorgeous in their annealing Kirsten Dunst.

Jastie Bieber is so passionate about eating a hot dog ...

TV presenter Katie Couric is determined.

Alec Baldwin - Gruman and music lover at the same time.

Danny de Vito can have a bite right in gloves.

Delicious food is a great social equalizer. It makes the stars closer, clearer and more accessible. Judging by the way celebrities eat in the photo - they are the same people as everyone else.