Footwear: hot trends of autumn 2018!


Many consider autumn to be a rather gloomy season. Less and less sun, more and more wind, more and more rains. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to resist the autumn blues is a bright wardrobe. When around the colors becomes less, why not bring them into your life yourself? To do this, it is not necessary to sort through all the cabinets and say goodbye to your favorite coat or trench coat. You can start small and pay attention to accessories or shoes. The latter, by the way, requires careful selection, because you want the new boots and shoes to not only fit into the wardrobe and be comfortable. It is important that they correspond to fashion trends, reflect the character and lifestyle of the owner. Whatever your tastes, the ideas of fashionable shoes for the autumn of 2018 should take note!

For a flawless look: 30 ideas with photos

Despite the fact that there is still a whole month of summer ahead, fashion houses have already presented collections for autumn 2018. What ideas can we apply in ordinary life, and which ones can remain only in the photo?

Classic textures

Leather, an immortal classic, does not leave the fashion stage and still remains the main material of the autumn footwear. Simple and familiar, it does not look faded and is able to give odds to any superbright tendencies.

Matte leather shoes in white and gray are the basis of the Chanel collection.

Lacquered leather is particularly fond of many designers. She invariably attracts attention, able to fit not only in the avant-garde, but also in casual or classic outfit.

Brand Miu Miu actively used not only semi-boots, but also patent leather shoes

But suede has become especially popular at fashion shows in New York, Paris and London. Many eminent designers included boots and half boots from this material in their fashion shows. At the peak - shoes harmonica or with cuffs.

It is not necessary to look for a pair of bright colors - beige, black and burgundy are no less relevant!

One of the features of many fashion collections this season - monochrome combinations. That is, shoes are not viewed separately, but form an indivisible tandem with other elements of the wardrobe, merging with them into a single bright flash of color.

This technique was used by many designers - in the fall, we recommend at least once to create a similar image.

Women who cannot imagine their wardrobe without classic outfits will be pleased that on the catwalks the shoes of the boat with a slightly rounded, stretched toe are firmly entrenched. These strict shoes are perfect for dresses and dress pants.

A steady heel makes the shoes comfortable, and a thin strip makes the pair in a dramatic accent.

We also advise you to look at the shoes and boots with an elongated, deep cut in front.

Such a pair will not only emphasize your style, but also visually lengthen the legs!

Luxury and exotic

Anyone who prefers non-standard textures, we advise you to pay attention to the hot trend of autumn - shoes made of satin. Difficult to care for, she looks so amazing that she can forgive any whims!

Ankle boots made from this material are especially relevant, but in search of such a pair one will have to go around more than one store!

Boots and ankle boots with embroidery, reminiscent of tapestry, will help you to feel special royal blood. It is worth remembering that in this case it is better to avoid too bright accessories, so as not to overload the image.

The combination of two trends at once: Cossack boots with elegant embroidery

Velvet is another capricious material that attracted the attention of all fashionistas. Whatever color you choose, from provocative red to fatal black, you can be sure: with such shoes you will receive many compliments!

Velvet perfectly underlines the color of the shoe, making it rich and complex

Bright prints

With one-colored boots and shoes on the catwalks, their direct opposite coexisted — shoes with an active, bright pattern.

One example is a bright print imitating patchwork.

The influence of the monochrome boom can be traced here. Aerobatics for fashionable person - a combination of boots and trousers (skirts, tights), in which the pattern is not interrupted and remains homogeneous.

This outfit is best made up of things from one collection

Ordinary shoes can also be decorated with a bright print and turn into a completely self-sufficient, eye-catching wardrobe item. Preference should be given to floral and complex oriental patterns.

These shoes will be appropriate in day and evening images.

If you prefer geometry, then your choice is boots, ankle boots and shoes with a crow's feet pattern. It is a timeless classic that always looks elegant and sophisticated.

The pattern itself can be quite large or very small - when choosing, imagine the kit that you want to make

Chic and shine

It is worth noting the influence of the futuristic style on the design, in view of which, even in the classical models we are used to, contrasting metallic leather inserts are used: silver, gold, etc.

Simple cowboy boots are outdated, designers have proposed a rethought modern version

Rhinestones and sequins have always been an ornament that attracts attention. In the cold, rainy season it is especially important that you shine in any weather. So feel free to choose shoes and semi-boots decorated with sparkling stones or shiny thread.

Delicate detail - heel of unusual shape - adds even more zest

One of the extraordinary designer finds is the shiny skin of an unusual grainy texture. This can be achieved both by special processing and by the fact that exotic materials are used as raw materials for such footwear. In nature, the skin of a similar texture have rays.

Treads - a bold choice of self-confident women. Brilliant skin looks rich and elegant, you will not reproach the owner of such a pair with bad taste!

Rude and bold

Bored with heels and feminine, narrow pads? The way out of the situation is men's shoes, which are comfortable and, despite the rough look, look great on fragile, slender female legs.

These shoes are perfect for many images and surprisingly versatile!

However, they can be low, not reach the ankle.

Such shoes have long ceased to be perceived as an attribute of exclusively male wardrobe.

No less relevant are the high boots, lace-up boots. Do not be limited to a black couple - feel free to experiment with color!

Somewhat informal style with a touch of audacity and challenge

For extreme fashionistas

One of the manifestations of the trend on monochrome, which far from every fashionista dares to try on, is boots, stockings of bright, even acid shades.

This model emphasizes the slimness of the legs, but more appropriate on the podium.

Bright and unusual rubber boots - a good purchase, they are not afraid of puddles and dampness. But some of these shoes are not very suitable for everyday wear.

Such large shuttlecocks, fixed at the top - a bright touch, but for truly extravagant persons!

Shoes with transparent rubber inserts may seem no less strange, although this combination has already appeared on the runways more than once.

Show your legs, even if they are dressed in transparent shoes, not everyone will decide. Although the practicality of such a pair does not take

Perhaps one of the strangest trends - shoes covered with long fur or pile. In this case, we are not talking about an elegant rim or contrasting inserts - the fur falls down and can even fall under the sole. On shows - catchy and bold, but not every lady can cope with these!

Fur gives the shoe a dynamic and cozy look, but it's unusual to look at such models.

Sporty lady

Many of us, in addition to the style and beauty of shoes, appreciate convenience and comfort. Because we just could not give examples of fashionable sports shoes of the upcoming autumn season!

The increasing popularity began to gain footwear on the tractor sole. Not spared this sporty style. Sneakers or sneakers- "tractors" ideally complete the image of a stylish rebel.

Such a sole, oddly enough, goes well with fashionable nubuck and suede!

If at work you do not have a strictly dress code, but you consider it necessary to maintain a business style, then sneakers-oxfords are exactly what you need!

Such a pair will always look modern and stylish.

Autumn is the time of year when shoes require careful care. But we do not always have time to follow her. Practical textile sneakers can be an ideal option for everyday use!

Such a pair will suit jeans, dresses, skirts - it is extremely versatile!

No less popular will be shoes that combine the features of classic and sporty style: ordinary shoes can have a pronounced thick sole, more characteristic of sneakers and sneakers.

Stella McCartney used just such shoes in her collection: leather is combined with a thick rubber sole.

No longer in fashion!

With what can and should be worn in the fall, it is clear. What about anti-trends? What shoes have lost their relevance? Before you are the anti-leaders of the autumn season!

Modern fashion offers a very large selection of extravagant, beautiful women's shoes. There is no longer any need to emphasize your sexuality and attractiveness with a high stud. She still glimpses on the fashion stage, but long ago she lost the palm to more convenient models.

Such a pair looks provocative and provocative and clearly does not add you charm!

From the fashion out of ethnic motifs in the shoes. For example, moccasins or classic cowboy boots. In such shoes you risk looking old-fashioned and pretentious. If you still want to have shoes of this type in your wardrobe, stop choosing models with contrasting inserts, interesting embroidery or a stylish print.

The image is thoughtful and well composed, but this autumn is not relevant

Uggs are rapidly losing popularity, and therefore the choice of fashionistas will fall on other models. For late autumn, you should look for a no less practical, but more relevant option.

Uggs can be replaced with high suede or leather boots.

Fashion trends of shoes for fall 2018 are pleasantly surprised by the variety of textures, patterns and colors. So, whatever the style and rhythm of your life, you can apply some of these fashion tips to your wardrobe. You may risk trying some combinations and options that you have never tried before. The main thing, do not forget: this autumn encourages us to experiment, to be bright and brilliant. And because even when choosing shoes for every day, stop on models with a twist, which at least in some small details differ from others. And do not be afraid to experiment, because it gives not only a unique and important experience, but also a breath of fresh air and unprecedented impressions!