Jennifer garner can't recover after divorce

Ben Aflek and Jennifer Garner filed for divorce last April. Since then, the ex-wife of the actor has not found a life partner.

A few months have passed, and Jennifer still defers personal privacy. According to the actress, excessive attention to her person from the press, relatives and friends only prevents new acquaintances with the opposite sex. “Everyone is in a hurry to console me or show support and, of course, to find out if I haven’t got anyone?

The actress explicitly states that the relationship, tied only because of the loneliness of the partners, will not last long, so she is in no hurry to remarry. Jennifer says that she is absolutely comfortable to spend time alone with herself, because it gives her valuable time for reflection, introspection and, finally, for a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle.

The only thing that annoys Garner is the paparazzi intrusiveness, who hope to photograph her secret admirer and actress at the house for days.