Anna Shulgina told about her weight loss

Valeria's daughter Anna Shulgina is an active Instagram user where she loves to give various tips to young girls. In adolescence, the girl was plump, but then sharply lost weight. Ana is now 25 years old, and she boasts perfect forms.

Anna Shulgina, like her famous mother, chose a creative way for herself. She studied at the Moscow central school, after which she entered the theater institute. Also, Anya has already managed to play not in one clip, and even lit up in a movie.

Fans of Anna Shulgina, who have long been watching their darling, remember that Anya was plump in her youth. Anya herself explains this failure in the hormonal system. The girl notes that she has never experienced discomfort about this and felt good in any weight. Shulgina advises young girls not to rush from one extreme to another and not to torment themselves with exhausting diets.

Anna also recommended to develop good qualities in herself, not to forget about the spiritual state and think with your head. If you drive yourself into the frame, you will not become happier. The main thing, according to her, is harmony. That is what attracts the opposite sex.

In order to keep her body in perfect shape, she constantly goes in for sports at home or in the gym. Moreover, Anya adheres to a healthy diet. She has a perfect example of a mother whose figure at the age of 50 can be envied by many 20-year-old girls. It is worth noting that Valeria recently presented her own brand diet boxes. Each of the sets will have a healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner.