Smart luxury: the most fashionable styles of rings-2019


Rings are a favorite accessory of many girls, even those who strive for an extremely laconic image. Here are some styles of jewelry and inserts most relevant this year.

No inserts

A ring without inlays is a universal option for a casual or business look. Choose massive wide or curly models.


They can be either single or double or even triple. Choose jewelry with stones that will vary in size or color.

Unusual shape

Look for jewelry of the original form: with a jumper, with a "tail", with several paths of stones.


Thin, extremely concise decorations - the trend is not the first season. Let on the classic bezel will be located two small stones of different cut or a small pearl in the same row with diamonds.


Chain rings are another “weightless” trend in accessories. Such jewelry will add to the image of lightness and airiness. Links can form both an independent ring, and be placed on the rim as a suspension.

Figured rings

If you love the luxury of the Byzantine style, your choice - rings with a gold lattice or mesh. Such figured decorations can be made in a modern abstract style, or have rather ancient references - such as, for example, in the case of a cross-shaped accessory.


They are still best friends of girls, so choose jewelry with a path of large stones or a minimalist ring with a pendant made from a small diamond. Such an accessory can become not only everyday, but also an engagement or even a wedding ring.


Pearls are a modest but luxurious stone. Look for jewelry with an unusual frame for insertion and do not forget about diamonds, which are ideally combined with pearls.


If a deep green stone has not yet won your heart, it's time to look at it. Choose drop-shaped inserts that can coexist with both smaller emeralds and, again, with diamonds. Especially advantageous jewelry looks on brunettes and brown-haired women with green eyes.


A ring with sapphire of yellow shades - the must-have of the summer season of this year. Particularly relevant inserts abstract "floating" form.

Multicolor inserts

And if you can not decide on a single gem, choose a ring with several inserts of different colors or combine several jewelry with different inlays.

The current trends in jewelry can not be called specific or trendy - choosing such rings, you provide yourself with accessories for a long time and for all your images.