The best husbands by star sign: editorial rating


They are so different, so cool, these men! During the period of candy-bouquet period, the heat of love passions and the offer of a hand and heart to the sounds of tango, the woman's brain turns off and does not want to think rationally. And in vain! Today, he gives you a starry sky and half of the world in addition, and a year after the wedding you tear your hair and dream of a divorce. To avoid such a bummer, learn the opinion of astrologers about the best husbands on the sign of the zodiac.


The Libra man is a real gentleman in a relationship with a woman

Best of the best in the ranking of husbands - Libra! Family and love in these men in the first place. Romance, chivalrous attitude to a woman and the ability to anticipate the wishes of his beloved are embedded in them at the genetic level. Even after the birth of children, whom he will become a good father, his heart will entirely belong to his wife.

Best qualities

Mr. Romance - will give flowers and make coffee in the morning before the golden wedding. In sexual relationships, not selfish, but a gentle, impressionable and unhurried lover. Sex for him is a full-length film where fantasies are realized, and not a set of acrobatic stunts.


  • Scales will not clean and take out the garbage, but immediately reproach the spouse in a mess.
  • If family life does not meet the expectations of a man, he is capable of adultery. And without remorse.
  • To quarrel is useless - after arguments and reasoning on his part it turns out that you are to blame.


Taurus man is a stable future

At 2nd place Taurus is a reliable, loyal, charming and intelligent husband. She prefers to think about everything to the smallest detail - from the list of guests for the wedding to the arrangement of furniture in the bathroom of the house, the purchase of which is scheduled for next year. Troubles and cares for the acquisition of housing takes over. He loves children and enjoys their education. Never change.

Best qualities

There is no need to worry about the future with Taurus, he is true to his word and believes that the husband must be the earner in the family. Economical, but with ease will give his wife an expensive necklace, so that she felt like a goddess. Taurus love stability and sex. To command yourself in bed will not give, but the thin hints understand a half-word.


  • Concentration on financial well-being often goes beyond reasonable limits.
  • Tailing Taurus is pointless and even dangerous.
  • Could be boring. Very boring.


Aries - energetic leader, great family man

3rd place in Aries - given to his beloved without a trace. This head of the family, an energetic leader who will not sit on the neck of his wife under any circumstances. In the role of the father, he feels excellent and enjoys with the horde of children with pleasure. Aries has the best wife in the world and he admires it everywhere.

Best qualities

Aries is a sentimental idealist, enveloping his beloved with care and love. Direct and open, does not hide feelings. Sex life is full of temperament and assertiveness. If you do not like the two-hour preludes - definitely a good fit.


  • Convince something Aries is impossible.
  • Jealousy is limitless, don't even try to flirt with anyone.
  • Impulsive and aggressive.


Capricorn - confident, honest, open husband

Not reached the top three Capricorn. Intelligent, honest, kind, incredibly charming, madly loving children. If you are looking for a stable and reliable relationship, then rather take him to the registry office. Common sense and devotion to Capricorn will accompany you all your life. The only problem - does not want to marry.

Best qualities

He likes to pamper women and does not tolerate scandals. The one who can ring it will be lucky to have a strong and long marriage. Capricorns are serious, pragmatic, strong-willed and confident people, but incorrigible romantics in their souls. Family bonds are sacred to Capricorns. In sex, the winners of the marathon - the endurance of these men can be envied.


  • Prone to depression and depression.
  • Severe fathers.
  • Mean to the emotions and words of love.


Virgo prefers cozy family evenings, not gatherings with friends

Honorable 5th place at the Virgin. This man is ready to make sacrifices in the name of love. A skilled assistant in both raising children and in everyday matters - making friends with a vacuum cleaner is easy. He loves order in financial matters, therefore, thought out and prudent.

Best qualities

Virgos are looking for a compromise and are ready to take the first step towards reconciliation. Primordial purity, both in relationships and in sex with his wife, does not prevent them from being good sexual partners. Virgin responsible and disciplined fathers, faithful husbands. They are rarely seen in the company of friends - family care is paramount.


  • If the wife makes a complaint to the spouse and demands a divorce - Virgo will give consent immediately.
  • Jealous and touchy.
  • Neatness and cleanliness Dev often rolls over (this is annoying).

a lion

Leo - proud and proud, but faithful and sexy

6th place in men, Lviv. Yes, Leo is proud, but in family life he is devoted and generous. Call the plumber, if the tap fails, it does not have to, because he has golden hands. A good family man, easily gets along with children and has a refined taste. Treason - a rarity for men of this sign, because the nobility in their blood.

Best qualities

Warm and joyful people never go out of their way. Behind the appearance of royal pride is a true romantic. If a woman is able to inspire, praise and admire him to the end of her days, she will never leave her family. Leo's sexual appetite is worthy of admiration.


  • Pathologically jealous.
  • Never go to "bis" in sex - is interested in meeting only their needs.
  • The wife of Leo will have a second violin all his life.


Cancer is the best father of all zodiac signs

7 position in the ranking is a charismatic and vulnerable man-Cancer. In family life, he constantly compares his wife and mother in the hope of getting married in the comfort and life of his childhood. In financial terms, Cancers are stingy, but not excessively. The ideal husband (as colleagues, neighbors and other acquaintances think) at home easily turns into a sloth, lying on the couch for days.

Best qualities

Responsible spouse who will help his wife cope with domestic difficulties. Male Cancers are romantic and overwhelm her lover with gifts at the courtship stage. Watching the appearance, so they are rarely seen in a tracksuit. The best fathers of all zodiac signs are Raki. They are characterized by loyalty, endless patience and care in relation to children. In sex, liberated and love to dominate.


  • Too vulnerable and touchy.
  • Easily give birth to mistresses (but the wife does not know about it).
  • Frequent mood swings.


Fish gladly give his wife the right to be the head of the family

Devotees and gentle lovers-Pisces occupy the 8th place. True, beyond the borders of the bedroom, tenderness and care evaporate. Responsibility and practicality - this is not about Pisces! Men of this sign soar in the clouds and dream even at the age of 50. Long-term union is real with a strong, confident woman.

Best qualities

Good, non-greedy people never condemn anyone. The wife for such a man is a muse, a source of energy and inspiration. If a woman likes to dominate, she will gladly give the right to direct the solution of all family problems. At the same time it will become an excellent father and will entertain children in imaginable and unthinkable ways. Fish love sex and are ready to experiment if a woman wants it.


  • Vulnerability, resentment, pessimism.
  • Irresponsibility and uselessness in the economy.
  • Lying Often lies!


Aquarius is a sociable, unpredictable optimist.

At 9 place male Aquarius. Easy, unpretentious nature and sociability smooth out the lack of stability in the family. Materially Aquarius will provide a family, but there will not be enough stars from the sky. Trying to change it and adjust it to yourself is useless - it does not tolerate any framework in relation to itself. In sex loves complex variations, otherwise misses.

Best qualities

Incredibly sociable and surprisingly optimistic, the relationship with his wife built on friendship. Capable of unexpected pleasant surprises and the embodiment of brilliant gift ideas for the beloved. In this case, are not the same. Give him complete freedom, and the debt will return with warmth and frankness. The husband-Aquarius will replace the wife of all the girlfriends, as it is more pleasant and more interesting to communicate with him.


  • Too independent for a serious relationship.
  • Friends will always be for Aquarius in the first place in importance.
  • Unpredictable in deeds.


Gemini - subtle, sexy, erudite

The twins took 10th place. If you dream of a caring family breadwinner, quiet and comfortable home happiness - better avoid them. These men are surrounded by women around the clock and do not see anything wrong with betrayal. Gemini mood palette is a multi-faceted rainbow. But! If the main criterion for choosing a husband is divine sex - feel free to go with him to the registry office!

Best qualities

Twin husbands - erudite man, company pet. It happens that his fantasies are embodied in projects with millions of incomes. It is pleasant and simple to love Gemini, the main thing is to constantly maintain an interest in your person. In sex devoid of conservatism, and legends about his sexuality.


  • You can be the 224th in the list of his women.
  • Does not know the phrase "reliable husband"!
  • Hard to catch in every sense of the word.


Scorpio - passionate, vindictive, quick-tempered

11th place with Scorpio husband. Living with such a spouse is difficult! If you are a strong personality by nature, then the character of a tyrant will not be able to withstand. Steadfast, principled, cruel, cynical. There is only one rule in marriage with Scorpio - he is always right.

Best qualities

Scorpio’s love and freedom is not for sale, so he marries only for love, without a hint of calculation. Representatives of this sign are madly in love with their children and are responsible for their upbringing responsibly, even severely. In sex, these men are tireless and damn temperamental.


  • Winning Scorpio is impossible!
  • Step to the right, step to the left - shooting! Even if you ask for forgiveness, kneeling.
  • If you are jealous - there is no chance of a happy marriage.


Sagittarius change and do not feel remorse

Completing the ranking of the best husbands Sagittarius. If you somehow managed to fall in love with a representative of the element of Fire, do not wait for serenades under the window - he has neither time nor desire for this. Be prepared even after the registry office to spend the nights alone. Sagittarius will not hold anything, he is constantly somewhere running. And most often to the next mistress.

Best qualities

It will not be boring with him - there will be hiking, extreme sports, cycling trips and other exciting activities. These men are incorrigible optimists, with directness and honesty - their main advantages. Ardent and conscientious partners, sex for them is a real art.


  • Windy and amorous.
  • Impulsive and cutting.
  • Cheating! Once again treason!

If after reading the characteristics of the future spouse you are in a stupor, ready to erase his phone number and go to live in another city, do not rush! Family happiness and harmony depends not only on the character and habits of the man - the husband and wife build it together. Sometimes the stars are wrong, and love works wonders!