Rating of the best wives by the sign of the zodiac: with her to the end of the world!


Every woman is unique in her own way. But not all are created for marriage and family life. Astrologers told who are the best wives on the signs of the zodiac and why.

Cancer - first place ranking

In family life, a Raku woman has no equal: she is an immaculate hostess, clever and beautiful. Family is the most valuable thing in the life of the 4th zodiac sign

At the top of the astro-rating of the best wives according to the sign of the zodiac, there is a gentle and thrifty keeper of the hearth - a Cancer woman. Heavenly bodies endowed her with all the necessary qualities to deservedly receive the title of the ideal spouse. The meaning of life of the fourth sign of the zodiac is to love, protect, care, because in the family she will invest all the best and to the maximum. The only caveat - from her husband, Cancer is waiting for similar actions, it is unlikely she will appreciate the cool attitude towards herself, children and common life.

Anyway, the wife of Cancer is not some kind of hyper-caring simple lady, she is also a sociable, intelligent, very charismatic woman who wants to surprise and delight her beloved at all costs. On the one hand, Cancer will seek to accompany the spouse to any meetings, events, and friendly gatherings. On the other hand, a developed sense of tact will allow her to stop in time and leave the faithful alone. For example, she gladly organizes a delicious dinner for a male company, while she herself goes to read a book in the next room.

Her best qualities:

  • honesty;
  • sociability;
  • thrift;
  • non-conflict;
  • intelligence;
  • always listen and help;
  • loves and knows how to cook;
  • sensitivity and sensuality.

Representatives of the fourth sign do not forgive betrayal. If there is a serious scandal in the house, the man must take the first step towards reconciliation. These ladies, like children, need constant approval and affection. And they often suffer from mood swings.

Virgo: wise and practical

The Virgin Wife is a reliable friend, loyal lover and personal executioner in one person. The coincidence of goals, views and interests will be the guarantor of a happy marriage

Representatives of the elements of the Earth are the true embodiment of stability, impeccability and intelligence. Spouse-Virgo will be the ideal hostess, who will certainly make sure that all the household were dressed with needles and fed a wholesome and satisfying meal. Her house is always clean, nice and cozy. On top of that, such a wife is interested in professional, creative and domestic partnership. And Mothers-Virgos strive to give children a quality education and teach them all the necessary skills and manners of decency from an early age. Women of the sixth sign know how to wait, they are perceptive and calm, because with it a man will manage to move mountains and reach considerable heights.

True, love games are not her hobby, as are spontaneous romantic adventures - in this sense Virgo is quite conservative. But she will never fall to meaningless intrigues and will not be entertained with other men behind the back of the faithful.

Her negative traits are:

  • pickyness;
  • demanding;
  • suspicion;
  • emotional restraint;
  • excessive conservatism;
  • overpriced and craving for excellence.

Remember, you can't deceive a Virgin, never under any circumstances. Strangely enough, for this lady it is better to learn the most bitter truth, rather than listening to the sugary lies. She is able to understand and forgive, but for this she will need some time. She is also the most economical wife in the world and knows how to manage even a modest budget so that the whole family is dressed for the season and eats healthy products.

Taurus: motivating and homely

Taurus has the strongest families: these ladies are not in a hurry to get married and make a decision only if they are 100% sure of their partner

In third place ranking the best wives on the sign of the zodiac were Taurus. Household chores for her is not at all a burden, quite the contrary. She has a refined taste and loves order, because the home nest will be not only beautiful, but always neat. Women of the second sign in some magical way turn the most mundane products into real culinary delights. Disposing the budget of her horse, she knows how to spend money with benefit and always leaves a certain amount for a rainy day. In family life, Taurus does not look for love dramas and violent passions, so it’s really comfortable and calm next to her.

Mother Taurus - is faithful helpers and friends to their children throughout their lives. They seek to bring it up by personal example, and not by threats and brute force. By the way, a similar situation occurs with her husband: such a wife will always help in word and deed, find the right expressions and encourage you to act correctly. The main thing is to believe her words and not take what was said in hostility.

Her negative traits are:

  • conservatism;
  • hates sudden changes and surprises;
  • does not accept carelessness literally in everything;
  • excessive demands;
  • has a tendency to manipulate and emotional blackmail.

Pisces: the priceless decoration of the marriage union

For Pisces, feelings are always in the first place, but they will never put material wealth, the social status of a husband and everything in this spirit above real love.

Oddly enough, the fourth place in astrorating goes to romantic and dreamy Pisces. The twelfth sign of the zodiac is looking for love and tenderness, unity of souls and similarity of aspirations, in other words, such women are simply created for a fairy tale in reality. If the Fish chose you, it means that you have truly penetrated the depths of her mysterious and complex nature. Such a wife will not “cut” her beloved due to lack of money or about the still unrepaired tap in the kitchen, but she will always support and find a way to allay her husband’s sorrows. The main thing is to remain its patron and protector in all situations of life.

Yes, these ladies can hardly be called perfect neat. Nevertheless, the spouse of Pisces is able to turn an ordinary home interior into something special, cozy and warm. She loves and knows how to cook, although she demonstrates culinary talents more often to welcome guests than to members of the household. Generous gestures of her horse, but to earn money and spend money wisely Pisces practically do not know how. But her creative ideas can decorate the gray day.

Representatives of the Water element are tremulous mothers who emphasize the inner world and the spiritual development of the child, trying to show the child the versatility of the surrounding world. The educational tactics of the twelfth sign are democratic, because children are drawn to Pisces and trust them with any secrets.

Her worst features are:

  • propensity for tranquility;
  • impracticality;
  • often hovers in the clouds;
  • it is difficult to unravel, and to understand the true desires and completely unrealistic;
  • touchiness and vulnerability.

Capricorn: self-sufficient and reliable

Capricorn loves his family very much and appreciates moments spent in the company of her husband and children. But at the same time she demands from her close ones

Representatives of the tenth sign are accustomed to work on themselves, and they are completely scrupulous about marriage. Simply put, in this life, Capricorn is counting primarily on itself, because it’s not so much due to a naked calculation, but also not because of dizzying feelings. The golden mean in relationships when love is present, but based on mutual respect and partnership, is what she needs. If the spouse satisfies the requirements of this self-sufficient lady and supports her views on life and marriage, then the whole family will be truly happy.

Capricorn's wife is able to pay attention to her family, career and life. And she does all this easily and naturally, without complaining about the lack of time or energy. Most of the responsibilities relating to the financial sector, Capricorn will take over, so the spouse will not have to worry about timely payment of bills. In addition, she will establish a regime and procedures that will allow households to get enough sleep and do everything in time.

It is worth noting that even in bed a woman of the earth element can give the faithful an incredible pleasure, however, if absolute mutual understanding reigns in the relationship of the couple.

Its disadvantages are:

  • excessive demands;
  • emotional restraint;
  • desire for leadership;
  • unromantic;
  • always striving for the ideal.

Leo: sincere and loving

The secret of a happy marriage with a lioness is simple - do not offend, do not humiliate, do not criticize and be sure to praise

In spite of everything, the royal and proud Lionesses are not the last in the ranking of the best wives according to the sign of the zodiac. To be loved, unique, desired, heard - this is what the representative of the fire element from her life partner is waiting for. And if everything goes this way, she will become soft and tender, compromising, caring and cheerful ally, mistress and wife in one person.

But if the partner continually encroaches on her sense of personal dignity, nothing good will come of this marriage: a woman of the fifth mark will turn into a constantly dissatisfied, arrogant, angry creature, poisoning the lives of loved ones.

The wife-lion seeks to decorate the life of the faithful in the brightest tones. She likes to present valuable presents or touching little things for no reason. She is pleased to organize joint trips, entertainment events, unusual dates. Next to her, a man will be able to feel his own uniqueness and significance, but in these relations everything should be mutual.

Lionesses are mothers with a capital letter. They feel their children like no other. They strive to develop the innate talents of the child and instill impeccable taste in him. True, sometimes they spoil the kids too much.

Her worst traits are:

  • overestimated ambitions;
  • touchiness;
  • need for easy flirting;
  • pride.

Scales: compliant and faithful

Wife-Libra gets what she wants with the help of affection, hates scandals, seeks to patronize her faithful

Changeable Libra, as a rule, are not in a hurry to get married. But if the "air" lady answered "yes", it means that she is counting on unconditional love, dedication and support in everything. Husband and family - this is her rear, salvation from all ills and sorrows. Representatives of the seventh sign are ready to push into the background literally everything, starting with close relatives and ending with personal interests, just to be near the chosen one and follow him wherever you go. Woman Scales is a wonderful hostess who owns culinary art and introduces non-trivial solutions into the interior. She is sweet, loyal, cheerful, but she has a tendency to sudden mood swings and baseless anxieties.

Yes, the Libra wife will strive for a secure and comfortable life. But this does not mean that she will begin to parasitize on her husband. On the contrary, women of the seventh mark do not shy away from work, they love to make long-term plans and skillfully set the right vector for both husband and children.

By the way, typical Libra rarely dream of motherhood, because as a beloved man they always have priority. Moms of Libra are strict but objective. They strive to inculcate good manners and give useful knowledge to the child, but motherhood does not become for them the meaning of life.

Its disadvantages are:

  • diffidence;
  • nervousness;
  • indecision.

Aries: too strong

Aries is ready for the most unthinkable sacrifices for the sake of the faithful, and divorce for her can be the most terrible tragedy in life

Women of the first sign are true Monogamous with a pronounced sense of ownership. Aries is looking for a trusting, close, sincere relationship, where both partners are ready for each other to at least get an asterisk from the sky, even to throw everything and everyone, to dash away to the ends of the earth. In marriage, such a lady leads her spouse, helping him achieve considerable professional success. But at the same time she is able to comfort a loved one when it is really necessary. The planets endowed the representatives of the fire element with an ardent temper and male traits - not every man can withstand such an emotional flurry.

She is a good hostess, but does not like to solve business issues. And competently dispose of a joint budget and not at all its fad. But at the same time, Aries girls to a beautiful, prosperous life, they like to organize noisy parties and demonstrate to the surrounding acts of unprecedented generosity. In other words, it can protect the home and create comfort, but for a long time it is not enough.

As a rule, Aries give birth to children in adulthood. Responsible mothers emerge from them, capable of giving the child care and love. But the first sign will not be able to live alone with the interests of the family, because there is too much unspent energy in this woman.

Gemini: Woman Mood

Twins are able to discern the shadow sides of the personality, manipulating and dominating a man if she wants it.

Representatives of the third sign of the zodiac were in ninth place in astrorating the best wives. On the one hand, Gemini is hard not to fall in love, because they are so unpredictable, different and alluring. And on the other hand, this multifaceted lady can hardly be called an exemplary wife. If she feels beloved and desired, she will become for the chosen one both a close friend, and a tender companion of life, and a passionate lover. But to cook borscht and restore order every day is not her credo. The situation in the house and the fullness of the refrigerator will depend solely on the mood and internal states of the woman Gemini.

She loves change, big and small, and strives for it with all her soul. But the routine and boredom can not stand, because next to it should be a strong and interesting man, able to captivate and interest, but at the same time able to slow down the gusts darling when necessary. This is a smart, loving and democratic mother: she will invest the best in children, but will hardly put the interests of the family above her own.

Such a wife sees the faithful through and through. But to unravel her thoughts and desires is almost impossible. No matter how much she loves, this windy girl will always be on her own mind.

Sagittarius: unrestrained and explosive

A Sagittarius woman does not just love change — she lives it. For a marriage to be happy, life together should be folded the way this “fiery” lady wishes.

Representatives of the ninth sign advocate for freedom of expression and do not accept encroachment on personal space, because the girl of the fire element usually does not rush to the crown. In family life, Sagittarius does not give up old habits and extravagant views, but at the same time tries to direct unbridled energy, time and energy to family and everyday life. Such a spouse will not quibble and "saw", the only thing she definitely will not tolerate is the lack of fresh impressions and chronic boredom. So very much will depend on the behavior and temperament of the husband in this marriage.

It’s better not to argue with your spouse-Sagittarius. This is an explosive young lady and she is really scary in anger. In addition, it is principled and vindictive, because to establish a trusting relationship after the scandal will not be easy. But this lady had the reputation of a real hurricane in bed, she is open to experimentation and pleasure. And also Sagittarius are true friends for their husbands, ready for any adventure and able to rush into battle, if circumstances so require.

In the role of mother, the ninth sign is good, though, quite often they project unfulfilled dreams on their children.

Sagittarius is not a thrifty attitude to money. Yes, she will spend a lot and with pleasure. But after marriage, she will begin to squander "for the good of the family," and not for herself.

Scorpio: the fatal thing

She can be the most faithful wife in the world, not counting physical betrayal as something significant.

Scorpio women are capable of deep and long-term relationships. If they love, then with all my heart, because marriage is really important for her. Representatives of the elements of Water are excellent companions of life, with whom it is never boring. They are perfect in bed, self-sufficient in the role of mother, and even in the role of the mistress of Scorpio is not inferior to zealous signs of the zodiac. Then why only the eleventh place in the ranking of the best wives?

The main reason is that the eighth sign separates true love and sex, because it is prone to betrayal. And for her it will not be a big problem, because all the same, she still gives a single man. But at the same time, girls-Scorpios will never forgive the betrayal of a husband and the scornful attitude towards his own person.

These ladies successfully help their husbands build a career or start a business. They know how to listen and, as a rule, give valuable advice. But to cope with her elusive and controversial temperament will rare man.

Aquarius: in itself

No matter how much Aquarius woman loves her family, she will belong to her no more than everyone else.

Aquarius girls remain unrecoverable adolescents even in adulthood. If you take a representative of the air element in your wives, be ready to intersect with your mother more often than with your spouse. Her friends, hobbies, trips for her will remain in priority even after the wedding, but she will not make any strict demands regarding her pious wife Aquarius. Что касается быта, то в этом браке каждый будет сам за себя - эта барышня определённо не станет гладить рубашки и драить полы.

Зато она весёлая, открытая, вечно юная. If a man is ready to live one day, then Aquarius will be his ideal life partner.

Parents of the eleventh sign are mothers-friends. They avoid excessive custody and harsh punishments. Because the discipline in such a family has to deal with his father and grandparents.