The horoscope for May 23: what should Capricorn do and what dangers await Taurus?


General astrological forecast says: the coming Thursday will be under the influence of the waning moon, located in the constellation of Aquarius. Residents of the planet expect a passive day, when any initiatives and initiatives will not be able to get the necessary impetus for successful implementation. Today it is worth to wait a bit with the economic troubles and excessive loads. The day is suitable for restoring physical strength and emotional resources.

Personal predictions and concise advice of professional astrologers in the horoscope for all signs of the zodiac on May 23, 2019.


Aries-men should rest: avoid physical and mental overload

Aries, horoscope on Thursday, May 23 recommends that you take an active position. Now is the right time to make important decisions and bold actions. Otherwise, you risk losing everything that you have been seeking for so long. Do not give up grand plans - the stars promise success in all initiatives and undertakings.

Women Aries will be gifted with special attention of Fortune this Thursday. Increased natural charm and sociability is predicted. Today, you will be inclined to look at the world in a positive way, which will favorably affect all spheres of life.

But men of the first sign of the zodiac need to keep your ears open. The location of the planets indicates the likelihood of negative influence from the outside, there may be slight professional difficulties and a deterioration of health.


Not the most successful Thursday will be issued by Taurus, in any case, the horoscope says on May 23, 2019. On this day, your body will be vulnerable to colds, infections, injuries and bruises are not excluded - take care of yourself. Moreover, the risk of illness or accident also extends to the close environment, because your loved ones should remain vigilant throughout the day.

Astrologers recommend to abandon dating, parties and business meetings - there is a possibility of annoying coincidences and incidental situations. Stars warn Taurus about possible attacks from detractors or envious.

Today it is worth focusing on strengthening or improving relations with relatives and loved ones. Soon you will need the support of loved ones.


Twins should think about plans for the weekend - they may be really important to you.

Gemini, astrological forecast for May 23 recommends that you wait a little with major undertakings and complex tasks. Looks like this Thursday is definitely not your day. Chances of minor professional difficulties and troubles in private life are high. Today, any of your initiatives, as in the well-known expression, can be punished.

The location of the planets informs: women and men of the elements of Air can desire momentary and cardinal changes. Astrologers do not advise to force the course of events: now it is worthwhile to exercise prudence and evaluate what is happening with a cold mind. And shown tact and tact will help the Twins to prevent conflicts with others and mistakes in current affairs.

Meanwhile, collective activity will be the key to financial growth and professional development. Do not abandon the support of creative allies, colleagues or business associates.


The controversial day predicts the horoscope for May 23, Raku. It is possible that this Thursday you will be busy solving the housing problem, repair or construction work. Consider, now your opinion is paramount for close people, so take advantage of this opportunity. But unreliable "comrades" today have no place in your life, stay away from them in any case: celestial bodies indicate the probability of slander, attacks of competitors or envious ones are possible.

From the health of serious problems are not expected. Nevertheless, chronic diseases can be exacerbated - do not ignore the unpleasant symptoms, and you should not self-medicate.

Cancer parents may be frustrated and annoyed, especially if you are raising a teenager. Astrologers advise you to choose the tactics of trust and understanding, but with force and threats you only aggravate the emerging conflict.

a lion

According to the horoscope, on May 23, 2019, the Lions will feel an irresistible craving for idleness and solitude. However, on this Thursday, astrologers do not recommend letting the current affairs take their course. The moment is successful for solving long-standing problems - try to be guided by a creative approach and non-trivial tactics in all spheres of life. Avoid past mistakes, they will cost you dearly.

Meanwhile, representatives of the mark can count on the support of Fortune on these days. Inborn charisma will increase, you will be witty and soulful, because many Lionesses will be able to establish useful contacts or strengthen existing relationships.

Male lions stars promise some obstacles in the professional arena or in the creative field. Serious interruptions are likely in the construction industry. Today, it is preferable to avoid heavy physical exertion and risk situations.


May 23, 2019 inner voice prompts can let you down

Virgo, this day intuition can let you down. Therefore, try to focus on specific knowledge, accumulated experience, and also do not neglect the opinion of trusted people. The horoscope for May 23 predicts you unexpected troubles, you may have to ask for support from someone close to you.

The location of the stars indicates: this Thursday it is preferable to abandon the undertakings and the implementation of global plans - the likelihood of overwhelming obstacles is too great. But this is the right time for introspection and rethinking of life guidelines.

The second half of the day promises a decrease in energy potential. Virgins will feel general malaise, depressive thoughts may appear. Calm, comfort and quality rest will help to recover both physically and mentally.


Relatively favorable Thursday will stand out at Libra. The horoscope for May 23, 2019 recommends that you devote your free time to dancing, fitness, swimming, running, or fast walking. Such loads will have a beneficial effect on the emotional state and on the whole organism. In a professional field minor troubles are possible, however, these difficulties are not worth your anxiety. The main thing - do not take today for new projects and challenges.

In personal life, everything goes well. Astrologers recommend non-free Libra to please half with something touching. Try not to be angry at the capricious behavior of a loved one - he will definitely appreciate it.

When dealing with others, Libra should be guided by common sense and flexibility. Then you will manage to avoid unpleasant situations, quarrels and disagreements, both at home and at work.


This Thursday some Scorpions will believe in love at first sight!

Scorpions expect a controversial, but generally auspicious day. The horoscope states: the moment is successful for long-term planning, opening and expanding business, planning pregnancy and conception. Some lucky ones can expect an unexpected improvement in their financial situation. Meanwhile, astrologers urge Scorpio to restrain emotional impulses, otherwise you risk falling into some unpleasant situation.

Great news for single men and women: on Thursday there is a great chance that you will finally meet true love. Moreover, the Scorpions will understand that this is the "same" person, literally at first sight.

Today, the stars do not recommend you go on a long journey. There may be injuries, accidents, force majeure on the road.


Sagittarius, dreams of these days can be prophetic

Astroprognosis for May 23, 2019 predicts: this Thursday much will depend directly on you. Stars promise Sagittarius profits or income growth, strengthening social status and promotion in the professional or creative sphere. True, if you allow yourself to be frankly rude, arrogant or aggressive behavior, this can erase all your past merits and lead to disastrous consequences.

A fateful meeting (acquaintance) can occur in the second half of the day. This person will play an important role in your life and determine the course of further events.

The day is favorable for light physical exertion, the beginning of a therapeutic diet and for fighting bad habits. Astrologers advise Sagittarius at least temporarily to eliminate fatty foods and strong drinks from the diet.


Horoscope for Capricorn predicts: on Thursday, May 23, there is a chance of an unexpected trip of a business or personal nature. It is on the road that single representatives of the tenth sign will be able to find a potential life partner or close friend.

Astrologers recommend that you rethink life goals and thorough self-analysis, but you definitely should not make final decisions today. This day is not suitable for undertakings, resolving issues of property and financial nature, searching for allies or like-minded creative people.

Some Capricorns will have to face the intrigues of enemies or envious. Perhaps you need to engage in this struggle to preserve a good name for yourself.


Aquarius, a horoscope for May 23, 2019, states: today, many representatives of the eleventh sign of the zodiac will feel an increase in positive trends in virtually all areas of life. The main thing is not to dwell on fleeting difficulties and temporary obstacles, it is not worth it. In general, a dynamic and productive Thursday is expected, revenue growth or professional spurt is likely.

You can count on strengthening relationships with close or distant relatives. Do everything possible to enlist the support of relatives. In the long run, their participation can be extremely useful.

Thursday night will bring bright emotions to Aquarius who are in search of love. First dates and romantic adventures will go well. And loners can count on a pleasant acquaintance with the continuation, if they themselves take the initiative.


Today, Pisces should prefer herbal teas

Fish, expected contradictory, but relatively successful day. This Thursday is conducive to creative pursuits, scientific activities, and learning the basics of handicraft. But the trials today are unlikely to end in your favor. In addition, astrologers recommend to postpone the decision of property and financial issues.

Non-free Pisces should seek comfort and tranquility in the arms of half or children. Believe me, this will help you recover the wasted energy. And singles on May 23, 2019 are waiting for the sea of ​​flirting, why not!

Horoscope advises not to neglect the regime of the day and quality rest. Now you should abandon invigorating drinks and alcoholic cocktails.