Curious holidays May 22: the day of the Tretyakov Gallery and the nightingale singing


May 22, 2019 is an amazing day. The custodians of traditions, inventors, ecologists, historians and just people with a good sense of humor - everyone will find a reason for joy, because today you can easily count a dozen of celebrations! What holidays on May 22 can we celebrate?

What holidays are celebrated in Russia

Where to go on Wednesday after the end of the working day to raise your spirits? Depends on your goals. Want to join:

  • for art, visit the Tretyakov Gallery, for which it was May 22 that Pavel Tretyakov purchased two paintings that marked the beginning of a huge collection - unfortunately, you can see it either at lunchtime or on weekends, as the gallery closes at 18:00;
  • to water sports, step into the pool, and at the same time congratulate its employees on the All-Russian day of the pool industry;
  • to the culture of the ancestors - go out of town, find a place with grass more densely, lie down and listen to the Earth, as the ancestors-magicians did, marking the day of Makosh (you will hardly hear something useful, but you will receive a relaxation session, if only the kidneys are not cold). And if at the same time you manage to still hear the belated nightingales, you can consider that they have noted two additional holidays at once: the Day of the Bogatyr visty and the Nightingale Day.The Slavs this day wore a nickname Yarily Wet

On May 22, Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of transferring the relics of one of the most revered saints in Russia, Nicholas the Wonderworker, from the World of Lycian to the Bar. Unlike the other date - December 19 - also dedicated to the Holy Satcher, this one bears the popular name of Nikola Veshny. It is believed that after it comes the real summer, and the farmer can finally breathe easy without fear of the return of cold weather. In addition, in 2019 on May 22 in the church calendar falls Pre-preparation - the church holiday between Easter and the Trinity.

Do not count the prayers that are daily raised from believers to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Birthdays of the day:

  • Akilina;
  • Vasiliy;
  • Gabriel;
  • Dmitriy;
  • Joseph;
  • Nikolay;
  • Simon;
  • Christopher.

Solemn dates that are celebrated in the world today

As for our vast planet, today it celebrates one grand celebration and several small ones.

The first is the international day of biological diversity, dedicated to the protection of life on the planet in all its innumerable manifestations. Remember the Red Book and the catastrophic speed at which whole species are dying? That's the same thing.

Many species of animals, our descendants will not be caught

Holidays smaller:

  • in Sri Lanka - Republic Day;
  • in Haiti, National Sovereignty Day;
  • in Yemen, the Day of Unity or Proclamation of the Republic of Yemen;
  • on Martinique - the day of the abolition of slavery;
  • in the United States, National Maritime Day and ... vanilla pudding;
  • Birthday Ethernet technology;
  • Birthday tube of toothpaste;
  • Expat Day;
  • Goth day.

How will we celebrate?

With a visit to the Tretyakov Gallery today did not work because of the working day or the fact that the gallery is in Moscow, and you - in Magnitogorsk? Do not worry, open the diary and enter for the nearest appropriate date "kultpohod" in the local museum. Art is art everywhere.

To honor the traditions of the ancestors, you can not only ride on nature and lie on the grass, but also have a picnic with ritual cakes and eggs. We will not advise you to drink beer, which the ancestors first helped themselves with, and then generously poured into the furrows in the fields, you can still return back to the city, but you can grab a sweet pop and juice with you. At the same time arrange a competition for the most "Heroic" whistler. But look, do not disturb the mermaids: according to popular beliefs, the Rusal week is just beginning at the Pre-They have.

By the way, the picture of Kramskoy about the mercenary week can be seen in the Tretyakov Gallery

So that the cold virgins in wreaths and shirts do not exactly disturb your rest by the water, visit the whole crowd of the Russian steam room with a broom and fragrant foam. What else do you need on Yarilu Mokry?

And still not forbidden:

  • make a transfer to the protection fund of a rare animal;
  • have a gothic party;
  • to spend an intellectual evening in a close circle of lovers of good literature, reading aloud the verses of Russian emigrants of the revolution of 1917;
  • bake vanilla pudding;
  • To buy gum, chocolate, bacon, cola or even whiskey toothpaste - which you won’t find on Amazon! Who can resist the bacon taste paste?

Well, in conclusion, as always, I will say: no matter what date you are going to celebrate and whether you are going to be at all. The main thing is to have a good mood with you, let alone decide how to catch him and not let go anywhere from yourself. I gave you a hint.