It became known who bought the name of Yegor Creed

The rapper's generous patrons paid 250 million rubles for his right to keep a pseudonym with him.

After the departure of Yegor Creed from the Black Star label, the main rumors were around whether the performer would be allowed to leave the untitled pseudonym. The team’s policy regarding such situations was extremely simple before that - the stage name as a trademark belongs not to the musician, but to the producer center. And despite the fact that CEO Pasha hinted that the contract with Egor could be extended, it was increasingly said in the network that the rapper was looking for new patrons.

The other day it turned out that Creed would keep her name with her. Generous friends helped him - the wife of billionaire Boris Rottenberg Karina is a longtime fan of the musician’s creativity, so she persuaded an influential husband to solve the rapper's problem. According to rumors, the friendly service cost 250 million rubles to Rottenberg.