Holidays May 20: What do Volga have in common, jeans and the opportunity to become a millionaire?


The weekend is over, but interesting days continue. And what! Squint for a moment before continuing to read, otherwise eyes will run up from the abundance of solemn dates. Here are the holidays on May 20, you can have fun alone or with friends!

What dates are celebrated today in Russia

Well, check your erudition: which river occupies 8% of the territory of Russia? And which one is the biggest in Europe? Which takes in more than 1000 small rivers smaller, and pouring into the Caspian Sea, desalinates water in its bay?

Naturally, the Volga! Her holiday will be celebrated today in all Volga regions. Wherever you are on this day, join us! At least mentally.

In addition, today have the full right to joy:

  • employees of the Domodedovo airport, opened 54 years ago;
  • Orthodox Christians who recall the appearance of the Cross of the Lord in the sky above Jerusalem and who honor the memory of the holy martyr Akaki;
  • lovers of folk customs celebrating the Bathing vessel (not to be confused with Agrafena-Bathing vessel). Livestock was washed in the Bathing vessel with clean water

Birthdays of the day:

  • Akaki;
  • Anton;
  • David;
  • Zinon;
  • Ivan;
  • Joseph;
  • Michael;
  • Nile;
  • Simon;
  • Stepan;
  • Ian

What is celebrated in the world on May 20

Reports about nearest neighbors: Ukraine today will raise glasses in honor of bank employees and sign language interpreters. Here, perhaps, that's all.

Knowledge of sign language allows to communicate to those who are deprived of hearing and voice

But in the far abroad there are enough holidays. And it seems that most of the world intends to celebrate the days of independence in one form or another:

  • Cameroon will have fun at the National Day of Unity and Patriotism;
  • Indonesia will remember the National Awakening Day;
  • Cuba, East Timor and North Carolina will celebrate Independence Day;
  • Saudi Arabia will once again rejoice over its independence from the British Empire;
  • Canada, too, by the way, having won the right to self-government from Britain surprisingly, belatedly celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday, which, regardless of the calendars, is always appointed here on the last Monday before May 25th. Such is the original mathematics and historical memory.

A bit of sad things: this Monday, South Ossetia will be sad, recalling the events of the Zar tragedy, and Cambodia will announce the Day of Righteous Anger in memory of the victims of genocide.

And how much everything is celebrated on May 20 only in the USA! We consider:

  • National Day of the worker of fitness;
  • Day of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures;
  • Emancipation Day in Florida;
  • National Pie Day Kish Loren;
  • National day of selected strawberries;
  • Day of demonstration of inner beauty. A delicious holiday is planned in the USA

It is not known why, but some wit called May 20 the most suitable date to become a millionaire. It will not work out to earn a tidy sum today, do not worry - you will still have 364 attempts, and this is only this year.

International holidays May 20:

  • World Trauma Day;
  • World Arthritis Day (?!);
  • International Day of Meteorology;
  • European Day of the Sea;
  • World Bee Day;
  • Birthday jeans;
  • Wind turbine day;
  • Day of strong friendship. And can, build a windmill in honor of a holiday at the dacha?

And in the comic calendar on May 20, it was set aside for the holiday of pouring. You can pour everything: water on the floor, beer by the glass, a face painting in puddles. Why? Why not paint your favorite city for a day if it's fun and non-toxic?

Ideas for celebration

If your plans to make money for the first million are still damp, the stupid patrol has forbidden to paint puddles, and the weather and the area separating you from the great river do not allow you to swim in the Volga, we will act differently

  • get out of town and rinse your hands and face in any suitable reservoir (personal washing is also quite in the spirit of the traditions of the Bathing vessel);
  • if you have to go to the bank, do not hesitate to hand the flower to your worker - and what's the difference, Kiev is outside the windows or Moscow;
  • make a bright turntable and install it on your balcony;
  • go in for sports — respect your fitness workers;
  • well, and since you’ve already lost a couple of hundred calories, invite your soul mate to dinner at a restaurant to taste the nourishing Kish Lauren;
  • It’s more than logical that your evening will smoothly move home from the restaurant to selected strawberries and cream (and who said you can’t improvise?). Ready for the holiday!

About such trifles as buying cool jeans, which you have been looking at for a long time, but were afraid to afford, and speak unnecessarily, right? Rather, the store, while the other celebrants have not passed the chip!

Phew ... It seems that there are enough reasons for the holidays for the week ahead. But do not think that the second half of the month will make you bored! Believe me, the solemn dates ahead is still apparently invisible.