Holidays May 18: Day of Culture, Science and the Pink Panther


There are so many holidays in the world that no matter what date you take, a certain event certainly falls on it. Important, historical, comic ... And any can be celebrated if the topic of the day is close to you, and the mood is high. Here are the holidays on May 18 waiting for us.

Holidays of Russia, falling on this day

The Russians today will be in special honor sailors of the Baltic Fleet, the creation of which is celebrated exactly on May 18. And the reason for this was the first victory of the soldiers of Semenov and Preobrazhensky regiments, in 30 boats attacking and seizing a pair of Swedish warships. Even if you have a very distant relationship with the fleet, no one will hurt you to pick up a pile of rum (or whatever is at hand in the bar) in honor of the Russian soldiers. Except, of course, caring for your own liver.

The battle was notable

Destiny has not connected you with the sea, but you love the Homeland, but have you been worried about its ecological situation for a long time? Connect to the All-Russian Forest Planting Day. During this period, thousands of subbotniki will be held throughout the country, so all you need to take part in the action is to go on the Internet and find the right one. By the way, you need to look ahead of time, because due to the changeable spring weather, in some places the action can be shifted a day or two in one direction or another.

If you live in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kirov, Samara and other cities that will take part in the "Night of Museums" action on May 18, do not miss the moment! New expositions, exciting quests, interesting master classes ... The case when you can spend time unbanally and improve your cultural level.

But the city Korolev distinguished himself especially. This Saturday, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, beloved by many, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. More than 20 entertainment venues will be waiting for the guests, where dance workshops, a beauty contest, a field kitchen, performances of your favorite artists will unfold ... In a word, it is easier to come and see what everything is listed.

Do you like fragrant tea? Go to Kalmykia! The third Saturday of May is traditionally set aside to praise this wonderful drink. Try true Kalmyk tea, get acquainted with local traditions and get a lot of impressions. Sometimes extremely unexpected, Kalmykia knows how to surprise.

Kalmyk tea is almost an independent dish

Orthodox believers May 18:

  • Church parishioners celebrate the Day of the “Inexhaustible Chalice” icon, which helps to fight the vice of non-continence - first of all, of course, with a penchant for alcoholic libations;
  • honor the memory of the great martyr Irina (Arina) of Macedon, who was nicknamed Arina Kapustnitsa or the nursery in the national calendar. That's right, it's time to plant cabbage. They say, May 18, the power of the icon increases

Birthdays of the day:

  • Adrian;
  • Irina;
  • Jacob.

May 18 is marked by another solemn, but sad date: on this day the victims of the deportation of the peoples of Crimea are remembered.

What dates are celebrated in the world

So, what's going on with our closest neighbors? A lot of interesting:

  • Ukraine, like every third Saturday in May, since 2003, celebrates Europe Day and - in passing - Science Day, established back in 1997;
  • Belarus pays tribute to cultural and sports workers on their professional holiday;
  • Turkmenistan has at once three major reasons for celebration: the Constitution Day, the National Flag Day, as well as the Revival Day, Unity and Makhtumkuli's poetry. The celebration will last the entire weekend, from 18 to 19 May. In Turkmenistan, Makhtumkuli monument is installed

Go to more remote corners of the world to see what is happening there? Easily:

  • in the US, savoring cheese soufflé;
  • national flags are posted in Haiti;
  • in New Zealand, they are fighting hooliganism (as, history is silent).

And today in the world:

  • Pink Panther Day is celebrated;
  • drink whiskey, proclaiming World Whiskey Day;
  • congratulate happy birthday May Beetle;
  • proclaim the day of the meeting with the beautiful. Look for the beautiful everywhere

How are we going to celebrate?

If you already:

  • planted a tree;
  • studied the poster "Night of Museums" in your city to choose the most interesting quest;
  • shouted group "hip-hip-hurray!" in honor of Russian sailors, Ukrainian scientists and Belarusian cultural workers;
  • wrote congratulations on the site of "Moskovsky Komsomolets";
  • rummaged through the entire Internet in search of a recipe for traditional Kalmyk tea;
  • gave themselves the word to read at least a few poems by Makhtumkuli Fraghi;
  • gave a loved one a pink panther;
  • drank a shot of whiskey (a holiday!);

- if you have already done all this, then I do not even know what else to advise. Is it possible to go look for the May Beetle to personally meet with the beautiful?

But in fact, of course, all this is completely unimportant. Just spend the day as you like, and the minimum program will be executed.