Jennifer Aniston starred topless

The actress again pleased the fans with an immodest snapshot.

Jennifer Aniston decided to take part in a candid photo shoot. The star appeared in short shorts, emphasizing her slender legs, and she covered her bare chest with her hand. Fans once again noted that Jennifer is in great shape and she has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

For the past 25 years, Jennifer Aniston is the title of sex symbol.

In February, she celebrated her 50th birthday, but this does not prevent her from participating in outright filming.

Jennifer has repeatedly admitted that she spends a lot of time on the sport. Her morning begins with a run, and the evening ends at the gym. Sticks to aniston and healthy eating.

The star believes that you should not be ashamed of your body at any age.

But despite the internal and external beauty, the actress is lonely. Even after unsuccessful relationships, she does not despair and hopes to meet her soul mate. At the same time for the actress is not so important material well-being of the beloved, as his behavior.

In an interview, Aniston noted that at the moment she is completely focused on work. And in the summer there will be a premiere of the film "Mysterious Murder", in which the star played a major role.