Julia Baranovskaya attributed romance with Gordon

Colleagues spend a lot of time together.

After the divorce from Andrei Arshavin, TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya does not allow the press into her personal life. That is why journalists sometimes attribute to her non-existent novels, as happened, for example, with Kirill Turichenko, the lead singer of the group "Ivanushki International".

This time, Baranovskaya was “brought down” with her colleague on the telecast, director Alexander Gordon. The fans noted that despite the man’s “prickly” character, Julia was able to achieve his position and they spend a lot of time together. Gordon recently took it off in one of his tapes and even attended a holiday in honor of the birthday of his daughter Baranovsky. That is why the followers of TV stars got the idea of ​​a secret romance.

Julia did not leave this comment unanswered by refuting speculation - according to her, Alexander is in love with his legitimate wife.