Olga Buzova quarreled with her sister - insiders

The TV star, who was inseparable from her sister, did not come to the opening of her salon.

More recently, Olga and Anna Buzov showed strong sisterly friendship, now and then laying out joint pictures on the web. However, recently, girls do not appear together at social events and even unsubscribe from each other in the social network.

The apotheosis of everything that happens is that Olga did not even come to the opening of the beauty salon of her younger sister, which took place the other day. Anna had been preparing for this day for a long time and met each guest on the threshold of the salon, and Olya was at that moment vacationing in Spain, where she usually went with her sister.

Network users guess at what happened between the girls. The most frequent versions are a quarrel over a man or an envy of each other’s success.