Stas Piekha stole 1 million rubles

The robbers "cleaned" the singer's drug treatment clinic.

The other day, singer Stas Pieha shared with fans problems in business. As it turned out, the singer’s drug treatment clinic was robbed recently - unknown persons carried out 1 million and 200 thousand rubles from there. This money has accumulated over the month of the institution’s work and had to go to pay staff salaries and rent a building. As P'eha noted, he decided to take up this business not for financial gain, but for the sake of those who need help. Earlier, the singer admitted that he himself suffered from addictions in his youth and now wants to help others.

To open the clinic, Stas had to borrow money and even sell his own apartment. But, in his own words, the case of the robbery did not shake his confidence that this matter should be continued. Fans supported the star in the comments.