Mistress Maryanov blame his wife for the death of the actor

The women of the deceased Dmitry Maryanov again ganged up live.

Only last year, the widow of the deceased Dmitry Maryanov gave a scandalous interview in which she blamed the problems of the actor of his former women. According to Xenia, it was with the figure skater Irina Lobacheva that the actor became addicted to drinking. And despite all the attempts by Beek to help her husband, the man’s body could not stand the addiction.

Irina Lobacheva and Dmitry Maryanov

Now, Lobacheva herself made no less shocking statements. According to Irina, it was Ksenia who brought Maryanov to alcoholism because the actor was unhappy in marriage.

Ksenia Bik and Dmitry Maryanov

Another actor’s wife, Olga Anosova, also favored this version. According to her, the common daughter of Dmitry and Xenia is not really from him. According to the information available to Anosova, the girl was born 2 years before the meeting of the future spouses. The actor’s widow has not yet commented on the statements of women.

Olga Anosova and Dmitry Maryanov