Sex symbol that can listen to women: Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling more than once won the title of the most desirable US men. The actor himself does not share the opinion of others and believes that the secret of his popularity among the opposite sex is the ability to listen to his interlocutors. In his personal life, fleeting romance and a serious relationship with various famous actresses.

Appearance of Ryan does not fit either a handsome handsome man or a brutal macho, but despite this, according to social experiments, it is Gosling who is one of the most wanted guys in Hollywood. Among the roles in his biography, there are a lot of successful ones, but the actor should be thanked for the film “Diary of Memory” for the great popularity among women. She received a very high rating among critics and brought to Ryan the status of one of the new sex symbols of the Hollywood film industry.

Contrary to his success and the crowds of fans who are ready for anything, Gosling is very picky in choosing his partners and is trying not to waste time on short-term intrigues of a month.

Sandra bullock

As often happens in Hollywood, the actors met on the joint shooting of the movie "Kill Count". The very young then Gosling could seduce an actress who was 17 years older. In the film, Ryan got the role of a teenage criminal who tried to seduce Sandra's heroine - a police officer. The game of the actor impressed the woman so much that her colleagues began a tumultuous affair that lasted from 2002 to 2003. Ladies man honestly admitted that he was not in love with an adult actress, but he was madly fascinated by her.

Rachel McAdams

The couple, as in the previous case, met on the set. The film that brought Ryan and Rachel together was the very sentimental love melodrama “Diary of Memory” that made Gosling a real star. The relationship of the couple on the screen got their rightful place in the real life of the actors, but it was not so simple - they could not get along on the sets. Working together led to scandals and constant conflicts, and once it came to the point that Gosling asked the director to replace his partner with another actress, but he, of course, did not agree.

After finishing filming, Rachel and Ryan met for four years, and their romance was filled with a lot of quarrels and quarrels. The couple has repeatedly terminated their relationship and converged again. In conversations with the press, the actor said that his beloved is a friend, a muse, and the most beautiful girl he has ever met, but despite this the couple did break up.

Olivia Wilde, Blake Lively, Kat Dennings, Emma Stone

2009 and 2010, the Hollywood heartbreaker was looking for his true love and romance with different girls. For example, Gosling did not long meet Blake Lively, but the relationship did not justify itself, and the couple preferred to pretend that there was no connection between them.

Ryan also tried his powers in a novel with Kat Dennings - they were seen on a date in the Disneyland amusement park, but this attempt to find happiness was not successful.

There were rumors about relationships with both Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde. But none of the direct participants in possible novels confirmed them. By the way, there were no refutations from the actors either.

Eva Mendez

In 2011, the search for the actor still achieved success, and he met his future wife, Eva Mendes. According to the standard Hollywood scheme, the couple first played in love with the film “A Place Under the Pines”, and then transferred their feelings beyond the shooting area.

They kept the relationship secret for a long time and did not give any comments about what was going on between them, and in 2014, Eva completely ceased to appear with her lover. The press trumpeted the break up of the actors, but it was completely different - Eva was pregnant and gave Ryan a daughter named Esmeralda Amada. Two years later, Mendes gave birth to another girl, who was named Amanda Lee.

At the moment, the couple has so hidden any details of their personal lives that many journalists are talking about their separation, but there is no confirmed information on this subject. Perhaps, as in the situation with the birth of the firstborn, lovers simply prepare another surprise for their fans. Maybe they will be a wedding, because despite the two common children, the couple still have not sealed their relations with the knot.