Natalia Friske lost 10 kg

Not so long ago, Natalia Friske pleased subscribers with a new photo from a holiday in Sri Lanka. Followers could not fail to note the visibly built figure of a business woman and threw questions at her about how she managed to achieve a transformation.

Friske did not make secrets from her method and frankly told that lately she had managed to lose 10 kg - she even posted a photo before and after.

According to Natalia, due to the fact that she could not buy clothes that she liked, she became depressed and hardly left the house, but then pulled herself together and went to the gym, where she signed up for a consultation with the coach . He helped her draw up a schedule of nutrition and training, which led to a successful result. And Natalia liposuction consolidated the result. In addition, the girl regularly goes for a massage so that the skin does not start to sag.