Margarita Terekhova’s daughter raises money for her mother’s treatment

Netizens condemned native actresses for inaction.

A recent interview with the son of Margarita Terekhova - Alexander - on the air of one of the TV channels created a heated discussion on the Internet.

The man said that the famous "Milady" is now in a deplorable state. 10 years ago, the actress was given a difficult diagnosis - Alzheimer's disease. Since that time, the disease has greatly developed, and now Margarita is virtually helpless, like a small child, she cannot walk on her own, practically does not speak and does not react to what is happening around her.

In addition, Alexander noted that mothers constantly need money for treatment. After that, the fans on the Web were outraged, how did it happen that the famous Soviet actress does not have enough savings, and her children do not help her financially.

Margarita's daughter, Anna, was forced to respond to all who were displeased - the actress stressed that taking care of the mother rested entirely on her shoulders, and in turn she could only rely on her salary in the theater, her mother’s pension and one-time support from a professional foundation.