Leonardo DiCaprio met his girlfriend when she was a child

Unusual details of the actor's new novel became known to fans.

The new novel by Leonardo DiCaprio has already managed to gather rumors and gossip. Not only that his new passion for 22 years younger than him - Camille Morrone is only 21 years old, and it turned out that the actor had met her when she was very young. According to insiders, the first meeting of Leo with Camila took place 10 years ago.

The circumstances were not disclosed, however, most likely, the pair was introduced by Camila's stepfather - the actor Al Pacino met with her mother Lucila Sol for a long time. By the way, immediately after the news about the novel, the actor called DiCaprio for a conversation and urged not to offend her stepdaughter. Leo is not only not going to hurt her, but seems to be ripe for marriage.