Sergei Shnurov started a mistress a year before the divorce

The relationship of Sergei Shnurov and his wife Matilda was envied by many - the couple seemed surprisingly harmonious. Therefore, the news about the divorce of spouses this year came as a surprise to everyone. Moreover, both parties refused to name the reason for the break in relations.

Even more surprising was the rapid wedding of Shnurov and Olga Abramova. Having rummaged in the past, a new wife of a musician, journalists managed to find a lot of interesting things.

According to rumors, Abramova used illicit drugs some time ago, but she was rehabilitated and refused them. And the girl’s romance with Sergey began last year. And as insiders say, the appearance of a young mistress, who claimed the position of the musician’s legitimate wife, was the cause of his sudden divorce.