Ten of the most tasteless outfits of Ksenia Sobchak

The outfits of Ksenia Sobchak, according to the personal admission of this TV and radio host, journalist and public figure, should be memorable, stylish and expensive. But to meet these requirements is not always possible.

Absolutely incompatible combinations in the style of "Heroine street-style chronicles" do not paint this TV host, giving only the absurdity of appearance.

Japanese style, large jewelery and high heels made the image of the presenter commonplace, but attracting attention.

Lost waist and not too good color choices cause bewilderment among both the public and journalists.

Most of the images of the girl’s users were critically critical, expressing disapproval: “One word, kolkhoznitsa”, “Grandma's sundress”, and “Dress” goodbye youth.

In the midst of zero teledivoy actively exploited the style of "typical glamasonka" with a deep neckline, high heels and eye-catching makeup.

Somewhat later, Xenia herself began to look with irony and be the first to make fun of her unsuccessful images.

These three dresses, many who follow the creativity and life of Xenia, managed to christen "the most tasteless and dumb."

Too thin knitted T-shirt looks untidy, and the addition of an incomprehensible skirt and long beads does not paint a girl from high society at all.

No less strange and absurd looks TV presenter in the form of "important bird", and the dress itself causes mixed feelings.

Despite the fact that over the past few years, Ksenia Sobchak’s style has evolved considerably, some outfits are still not very successful, and therefore cause a wave of negative discussions in the network.