Anita Tsoi hospitalized

The singer is urgently taken to the hospital, and her concerts are canceled.

Fans are worried about Anita Tsoi’s condition - at the beginning of last week there was news about her poor state of health, and she was urgently hospitalized last weekend after a concert in the Krasnodar Territory. Anita was taken to the metropolitan hospital by helicopter, and at first the doctors did not tell about her condition.

Then Choi herself contacted the fans, thanked them for their support and said that she had to ask for help because of severe back pain. Now doctors suspect inflammation of some internal organs. Recently, Choi underwent surgery to remove a stone in the gallbladder, after which she was recommended to comply with bed rest. The singer ignored the advice of doctors and went on tour, because of which, perhaps, her condition worsened. Anita’s next four shows were canceled.