Using a diffuser for hair styling


At present, it is almost impossible to make a good styling or hairstyle without the use of a hair dryer, besides it, a lot of combs, brushes and combs are also used. Before the styling procedure, the hair must be washed and properly dried. Here a special nozzle for a hair dryer, which is called a diffuser, can be useful.

Description of the nozzle

The diffuser is a nozzle with a wide surface and studded with spikes with holes for air supply. At first a diffuser used exclusively for drying curls so that they do not fly apart around the sides, as with an ordinary hair dryer. The diffuser also increased the volume of installation, because it was often used for these purposes. There are several types of diffusers, which differ in their purpose. Also, this nozzle is useful for those girls who straighten hair with a hair dryer.

Terms of use

Hair length

For short hair is better to use a concave diffuser. with little spikes. This design allows you to securely lock the strands. Terms of use:

  1. Apply to the slightly wet curls locking agent in the direction from the back of the head to the bangs;
  2. Screw strands on spikes and begin to process them with a hairdryer;
  3. To create volume on the back of the head and the crown, one needs to use pulsing movements;
  4. Fix the strands on the bangs and temples, fix with wax or gel;
  5. Laying ends with the application of resistant varnish.

To fit medium hair, you can use the nozzles of plastic or silicone. These diffusers allow you to increase the volume of hair at the roots. To do this, follow the following rules:

  1. Apply mousse or special scum on slightly moist curls, without touching the roots;
  2. Wind the hair on the nozzle, the air should be directed to the roots;
  3. Curls must be dried with circular pulsating movements going from the back of the head to the bang;
  4. If your hair is very dense structure, then they need to put more mousse or foam;
  5. Curls are fixed with varnish.

Long hair is desirable to style with concave or round diffusers with fairly long spikes made of plastic. This nozzle avoids tangling and damage to the curls, ensuring uniform and high-quality drying. The rules in this case will be as follows:

  1. Apply a fixative to the hair without touching the roots;
  2. Gather the curl into your palms and place it on the nozzle;
  3. Hair should be dried with a nozzle at a certain angle to the roots;
  4. Movement should be pulsating;
  5. To increase the volume in the roots, the head should be tilted down;
  6. Blow the curls with cold air, slightly crushing them;
  7. Laying is fixed with varnish.

The advantages of laying a diffuser

The most important advantage is the speed of drying, which is provided by a wide working surface. Other benefits include:

  1. Safety - the holes through which hot air comes out are on the sides;
  2. Massage effect that stabilizes blood circulation and accelerates hair growth;
  3. Simple volume increase;
  4. Delicate effect on curls;
  5. You can create a stacking curls of different structures and lengths.

Criterias of choice

In the process of selecting the nozzle for the dryer is necessary pay attention to a lot of criteria:

  1. Power indicators - not less than 1800 watts;
  2. The presence of several modes of operation (at least - the supply of cold and warm air);
  3. The presence of at least four speeds;
  4. Rubberized or rough body, glossy and smooth is better not to acquire;
  5. Special mesh to avoid overheating;
  6. A set of nozzles.

A diffuser with a large number of nozzles can be quite expensive, and sometimes it is better to opt for a cheaper option. Of course, it is much better to choose a device with the most suitable characteristics and all the necessary attachments in the configuration. It is necessary to pay special attention to the factor related to safety, because laying with a diffuser doubtful quality can greatly harm the hair.

Before you go shopping, it is recommended to consult an experienced specialist. He will give you recommendations regarding the selection of certain models and the most proven manufacturers. In this case, the expert will take into account the state of your curls and their type. Making choices based on reviews on the Internet is a very risky undertaking.

You can also ask the diffuser from some close friend and test it on your hair. If you do not have any problems with curls, and you like the design of the nozzle itself, you can immediately go to the nearest store and get yourself the exact same diffuser.